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About Us

Logit is an owner operated company set up by John Walker, in 2009. John has experience in a wide range of residential energy technologies, specialising in heating and solar.

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Passive Solar Design

Design Builder is specifically designed for exploring options at early stages of design in particular effects of glazing and thermal mass.

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TRNSYS Modelling

Logit can provide modelling in compliance with AS/NZS2434:2008 Heated water systems – Calculation of energy consumption, using the TRNSYS, versions 15 and 16, simulation program.

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Performance Analysis

Logit can draw up a monitoring plan which will meet your objectives and produce good results first time round.

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  • Affordable building energy modelling for homes and larger buildings
  • NZ Building Code H1 Compliance using BPI included in the modelling output
  • Save on heating and cooling costs
  • Rapid model development using Design Builder simulation software
  • Model energy flows using site specific weather data from NIWA
  • Assess the benefits of changing specifications and building configuration

Contact Details:

Email: john.walker@logit.co.nz
Telephone: 03 337 0307
Mobile: 021 257 6830

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Welcome to Logit Energy Management

Logit brings years of experience in energy efficient building design backed up with the latest rapid prototyping modelling using the internationally recognised Design Builder, energy simulation software. Maximise solar gain and explore the effects of thermal mass and other building specifications before the design is finalised.

Logit has been appointed to a panel of experts to provide technical services to the Australian Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

Logit is an approved modeller of Solar thermal hot water systems and Heat pump water heater systems for modelling compliant with AS/NZS4234:2008, the standard for assessing the performance of those systems.

If you want to measure the performance of actual systems Logit can set up monitoring and analyse data based on years of experience analysing how heating and hot water systems behave in real life.

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