Logit is an owner operated company set up by myself, John Walker, in 2009.

Core skills and experience:

  • Experience of a wide range of residential energy technologies, specialising in heating and solar
  • Experience in monitoring and analysing data
  • Good communication skills for producing reports, presentations, training, writing case studies and newspaper articles
  • Computer modelling of solar thermal systems and whole building energy use

A brief history

Following an Engineering degree and a Masters in Energy Studies I have worked in the energy and buildings industry for 20 years, in the UK public sector until moving to New Zealand in 2001.

In the UK I started at the Building Research Establishment working on the UK’s Energy Efficiency Best Practice programme (EEBPp) in the area of state and public housing with fuel poverty being the main issue.  I worked mainly with local government and covered issues such as developing  energy efficiency strategies, community heating, financing energy efficiency improvements and energy advice, including managing research into the effectiveness of energy advice for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

During this time in the mid 1990’s energy rating of housing was being introduced to the UK, and was compulsory for new homes which required promoting and explaining that rating system to local government.

The EEBPp was a market transformation programme centred around the dissemination of information via written material, workshops and seminars which I project managed.  I developed technical writing and communication skills that I have used extensively since then.

Following that I set up and directed two European Union funded Energy Agencies for the London Boroughs of Southwark and Brent.  Work included drawing up fuel poverty strategies, organising conferences and seminars and carrying out a mass energy audit of housing in the London borough of Brent.

After coming to New Zealand in 2001 and completing a Diploma in IT I went to work for Whispertech micro-cogeneration as the only dedicated data analyst looking after field trial data in a collaborative project with the UK’s Carbon Trust.  This involved processing and storing data, and building an intranet reporting system so that all staff could access this data.

During this time I also sat on the MfE’s Warm Homes project advisory group.

I also worked developing the wood pellet heating market which included acquiring expertise in particulate emissions and involvement in numerous resource consent applications.  Linked to that I was involved in setting up a renewables company which included solar thermal systems.

After that I set up Logit initially modelling solar thermal systems for the EECA Energywise grants scheme and monitoring of hydronic systems.

During the last few years I have also been delivering CPD training to central heating installers as part of my role as technical consultant at Central Heating New Zealand and have written for the Christchurch Press, amongst other things.