A model can be rapidly built by importing existing plans

Just about any specification of the building or the way it is used can be defined in the model, including:

  • Dimensions of the building elements.
  • Any material can be specified for individual walls, internal and external , either from an extensive library, or creation of custom materials.
  • Exact type of glass, size of air gap and gas used in double glazing.
  • Detailed specification of heating systems including radiators, underfloor heating and air-ducted.
  • Activity and occupancy can be specified for each area with incidental gains.
  • Thermostat settings and time schedules down to individual rooms.
  • Different types of drapes and blinds.
  • External shading, overhangs, wings and louvres.
  • Simulated control of shading in response to sunlight strength or temperature.
  • Different types of lighting with lighting controls can be specified to calculate lighting load.
  • Air leakage and ventilation rates can be set.