TRNSYS modelling

Modelling of solar thermal systems using TRNSYS in compliance with AS/NZS 4234.

Modelling of heat pump water heater systems using TRNSYS according to AS/NZS 4234 Appendix H.

Logit can provide modelling in compliance with AS/NZS2434:2008 Heated water systems – Calculation of energy consumption, using the TRNSYS, versions 15 and 16, simulation program.

Solar hot water configurations modelled

  • Standard solar collector with separate cylinder and electric boost
  • Flat plate or evacuated tube collectors
  • Glycol, pump back or drain back frost protection
  • Solar preheat tank with gas instant boost
  • Solar collector with PV powered pump
  • Multiple collectors and multiple cylinders

Heat pump water heater configurations

  • Integral outside units with wrap around or in-tank heat exchangers
  • Separate heat pump units connected to inside hot water cylinders (suitable for retrofit)

For all systems modelled appropriate lab test data is required.